Created in 2010 by Olivier Nourisson performer, the Fashion Garage Show is a collective performance where all those interested are invited for a big fashion show,
Fashion Garage was born in March 2010, in a Paris’ suburbs garage. Each Wednesday, anyone could come to this garage for fashion shoots, from 10 o’clock to 5 in the morning. Sometime a theme was given. The next day the pictures would be published in a newsletter which followed the esthetics of hype fashion. In June, the need for letting the public experience this archaic ritual was felt. This is how the first Fashion Garage Show was presented on June 16th 2010 in Paris (France), other shows followed, on October 16th in Hamburg (Germany), on November 18th 2010 in Milano (Italy), on January 22nd 2011 in Paris, on July 13th 2012 in Lausanne (Switzerland)...

The Fashion Garage Show is a fashion show. It borrows codes from the fashion world: its authoritarian set up (the catwalk / the line), an aggressive video back projection, a techno or loud baroque music soundtrack. The only difference is that what happens during the show is unpredictable. Each model dresses himself or herself, without any constrains and presents himself or herself on the catwalks as he or she wishes. The models are free to leave the proposition at any time, members of the public can also go backstage, get dressed and walk. Clothes, objects and refuse previously gathered in the town that hosts the show become the dress stock available to the models.

Fashion Garage: attempt of definition.
Fashion Garage is the place where collective unconscious emerges / it is a session giving birth to strange indescribable forms / it is an attempt at seeing what is the animal we have constructed made of, to pull it out of it’s hole by the ears / it is touching the collective ectoplasm / it is a collective psychoanalytical session / it is a pocket inside language, like an air pocket / it’s a the proposal of an archaic experience. In between the Cargo cult and Voguing.